About 2GuysGutters

professional installing gutter guards

2GuysGutters here in Sarasota, FL, provides a full gutter repair service and gutter installation, including every component of your system. Enlist the help of our trained expert installers or repairmen to complete the job with the best quality materials. 2GuysGutters makes it easy to get long-lasting, reliable gutters for your home.

If you are remodeling your home or building a new home, 2GuysGutters provides complete design and installation to give you the best coverage possible. Installation includes complete job site cleanup and hauling away your old gutters. 2GuysGutters also provides gutter guards to prevent clogs and under-deck gutters to provide correct water diversion to make sure the areas you want to be dry stay that way.

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Meet the Team

Leroy Co-Owner and CEO of 2GuysGutters
Leroy is an entrepreneur with various experience mostly in construction & sales. He enjoys people & Building and Constructing things.
He has extensive experience in the construction field. At 19yrs old he started his construction career in Rochester Minnesota framing new homes.

Also later he worked erecting steel framed buildings before giving way to 10 years experience flipping homes/total renovations. He enjoys the challenge of taking something old and giving it new life again.

After leaving real estate he did 10+yrs in-home sales which allowed him to understand client needs and customize to serve them well.

In the fall of 2021 he started another venture, 2GuysGutters. With his 5+ years in construction that had been dedicated to Screen rooms and Seamless Gutters he decided to contribute to the major construction boom that was happening in the area surrounding Sarasota by starting a company of his own that would specialize in both seamless gutter and screen room installation.